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Do you go camping, hiking or maybe have 1 or 2 night stay overs for yourself or your children? And then you remember Oh! Oh! I only have one tube of toothpaste left, You have to go buy another and then the kids don't bring it home.
Do you have a soldier in the family or do your children go to School camps. ?
Small items are much easier to pack.
Do you have a Son or Daughter living away from home?
Could I send them a variety of their favourite things.
What about letting an elderly relative know you care!
They would love a package of their favourites.
Are you looking for something different to send to them.?
Have you ever thought about trying a product, but the price of the full sized product makes you think . What if I don't like it.?
Here is the place to shop where everything comes in small packages.!!

No problems you can try out the new lotion, deodorant, shaving cream, shampoo or maybe coffee, tea or cocoa.
The travel size portions of food products are great for saving space whilst camping or backpacking and you are not left with bits of this & that to throw away at the end of your trip.
Campers will love the small packages of their favourite laundry items.
You can also restock your First Aid Kit with ointments, band-aids etc .Great to keep in the RV also.
In the Other Products Dept
you will find a great variety of Travel Toys & Games to keep the little ones occupied.
Such As:
Battleship® - travel fun on the run G01-0260106-2100 Milton Bradley® Travel size game. Age 7+ Made in China
Price: $7.35
The Original Pocket Farkel® Dice Game G01-0661601-2100 The Original Pocket Farkel® Travel size game for two or more players. Ages 8 and up. In mini tube container. 2 inches high.
Price: $5.29
Fundex Portfolio Backgammon G01-0960703-2100 Fundex Travel size Backgammon game in leatherette travel case. 2 players. Ages 8 plus. Solid wood game board, cast metal game pieces. Dice and double dice included.
Price: $8.97

In the KITS / CARE Packages. You will find
Military care packages ( these are extremely popular )

Military Mini-Meal Care Package ( 1 of 12 Military Care Packages)K01-0109902-9200
17 different travel size food products (33 total items). Including:
(4) Relish (4) Kraft® Mayonnaise
(1) Iodized Salt (10 pack) (1) Pepper (10 pack)
(1) Chopped Onions (2) Squeezer Peanut Butter & Jelly Combo
(4) Grissini Italian Bread Sticks
(1) Lipton® Cup-a-Soup® Tomato (1) Lipton® Cup-a-Soup Spring Vegetable
(2) Maruchen® Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup
(2) Starkist Tuna Pouch-chunk light in water
(2) Instantized Dry Milk (1) Kellogg's® Corn Pops® Cereal - bowl
(1) General Mills® Honey Nut Cheerios® Cereal - bowl
(1) Quaker® Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Cereal
(1) Quaker® Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal Cereal (4) Generic Cutlery Set SIMILAR ITEMS MAY BE SUBSTITUTED BY MINIMUS DUE TO AVAILABILITY
Price: $19.35

Dorm care package. ( most popular...Laundry )

Dorm Laundry Kit ( 1 of 3 Dorm Packages)K01-0489903-9000 If you suspect that your child is not keeping up their laundry duties, or you want to send them off to school with a great starter kit, the Dorm Laundry Kit will do the trick. Packaged in a thick clear draw-string vinyl bag, the kit contains:
(2) Tide® Ultra Laundry Detergent (2) Cheer® Ultra Laundry Detergent
(2) Downy® Ultra Fabric Softener (2) Bounce® Fabric Softener
(2) Clorox 2® Chloine Free Bleach for Colors (1) Static Guard®
(6) Shout® Wipes Stain Treater Towelette
(1) Woolite® Liquid Cold Water Wash (10 pack)
(1) Jaraze® sewing kit ***this item is only available with Ground shipping (see Shipping tab for details)

Price: $19.25

Baby care on the Go Kit. ( Idea... Baby Showers )

Baby Care On The Go K01-0559915-2400 Keep your baby care essentials right at your fingertips.
11 travel size products (20 total items) in a zippered 10" x 8" x 2.5" clear vinyl bag. Includes:
(1) Bounty To Go Paper Towels (3) Boudeaux’s Butt Paste
(3) Tush Wipes for Babies- Flushable Wipes (4) Shout® Wipes
(1) Kleenex® Tissues Pocket Pack (1) Johnson’s® Baby Powder
(1) Johnson’s® Baby Lotion (1) Johnson’s® Baby Shampoo
(3) Sunbuddy® Sunscreen (for babies)
(1) Baby Magic® Calming Milk Bath - Lavender & Chamomile
(1) Hands 2 Go® Instant Hand Sanitizer Spray - alcohol free
Price: $20.93

Golf Lover. ( Hole -in -one -kit, & Golfer snack Kit )
Hole-in-One Golf Accessories Kit K01-0489913-9000
Be the hit of your foursome.
This kit has everything you might need while playing golf, including first aid, sunscreen, and even rain gear. Contains 20 travel size products (32 total items) in zipper vinyl bag.
(1) Gold Bond® Body Powder (1) Kleenex® Tissues Pocket Pack
(1) Evian® freshener spray (1) Banana Boat® Sport Sunblock SPF(3)0 (tube)
(1) Emergency Poncho
(4) SmartShield® After Sun Repair Gel (packets)
(1) Survivor Industries - Travel Safe First Aid Kit
(1) Chapstick® Lip Balm (2) Natrapel® Insect Repellant
(1) Clear eyes® Handy Pocket Pal®
(1) Icy Hot® Medicated Patch
(3) Zeiss Lens Cloth (3) After Bite® Insect sting relief wipe
(1) Bayer® Aspirin (1) Benadryl (1) Advil®
(3) Dry Hands (1) Purell® Hand Sanitizer with Aloe
(2) Golf Wipes (3) golf tees ***this item is only available with Ground shipping (see Shipping tab for details)
Price: $34.72

Something a bit unusual .!
Cold & Flu Care Package ( great to send to a friend or family member under the weather )
Cold & Flu Care Package K01-0309901-9200
Provide comfort for sick friends and family who are far away.
13 travel size products (26 total items) in a re-closeable vinyl bag.
(1) Lipton® Cup-a-Soup® Tomato (1) Lipton® Cup-a-Soup® Spring Vegetable
(1) Maruchen® Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup
(3) Stash® Premium Green Tea (3) Stash® Chamomile Herbal Tea
(1) Motts® Hot Spiced Cider Golden Delicious
(3) Purell® Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipe
(2) Kleenex® Tissues Pocket Pack
(3) Tylenol® Extra Strength (3) Tylenol® PM Extra Strength
(1) Vicks® Menthol Flavor Cough Drops (1) Vicks® Cherry Flavor Cough Drops
(3) Blistex® Medicated Lip Ointment
Price: $14.97

Generic Toiletry Kit. ( This one is used by Organizations who donate toiletries to the Homeless or those in need. )
There is also lots to choose from in the New products or Sale Items departments.
If the decision is too hard makes it even easier with Gift Certificates available.
If you are interested in Travel Size Products have a look here.
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